Flappy Beard


Flappy Beard is my entry to the 1st Alakajam! Solo Compo. It was weird being able to finish the game and then still have a normal Sunday evening. Ludum Dare always ended at 3AM on Monday morning, Alakajam! ends at 8PM for me. The theme was "Alchemy", and that's why you play "Flappy Beard", the alchemist. The goal is to collect the ingredients for the philosopher's stone. Each one grants a new special ability that will help you find the remaining ones.

Technologically there's nothing super interesting going on, I tried to implement better platformer gameplay than in my previous games, where the controls never had that tight feeling I'm used to from other games. Flappy Beard got closer, but is not quite there, yet.

I also tried to get better pixel art animations and tile sets, and I think I was successful with that, compared to my previous pixel art games.

Besides the pixel art, I think the lighting effect works quite well.



Subject Rating Placed
Overall 7.462 / 10.0 4 / 36
Graphics 8.308 / 10.0 5 / 36
Audio 6.077 / 10.0 11 / 36
Gameplay 7.077 / 10.0 4 / 36
Originality 5.154 / 10.0 29 / 36
Theme 6.769 / 10.0 15 / 36